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Mr..Sudarshan Deshmukh.
Prof. S. S. Raut.
Prof. M. S. Biradar


Fabric detection has an outstanding importance in inspection of fabric quality and defects. It works on principle of spectral estimation technique vision. it gets bonded to locate defected regions accurately. This project represented a most accepted method for patterned fabric defect detection and classification using spectral estimation technique and rough set theory. To extract the Regular pattern from the image of the patterned fabric, here use of Estimating Signal Parameter via Rotational Invariance Technique (ESPRIT) is done.

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Mr.Sudarshan Deshmukh., Prof. S. S. Raut., & Prof. M. S. Biradar. (2021). USINGSPECTRALESTIMATIONTECHNIQUEANDROUGHSETCLASSIFIEROFREGULARPATTERNEDFABRICDETECTINGDEFECT. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 2(4), 1–12. Retrieved from