About IJIERT (International Journal of Engineering and Technology)

It’s an enormous pleasure to share about IJIERT’s progress over the period of last 7 years. We being the emergent publishers of academic journals are continuously thinking of the uplifting the quality of IJIERT to do the best in research journal’s list. The editorial team with the advisory member is taking the bold decisions with a freedom to act marvelously in research journal publishing.

IJIERT’s journey started in early 2014, with the goal of playing a key role among academic journals and we are happy to announce that with quality content variety for publication, IJIERT has reached to the milestone of more than 1000 articles published in 2017. We are trying our level best to explain what IJIERT is:

    1. Academic journal

IJIERT is the academic journal of engineering and technology. The strong peer-review process of the journal is supporting the scholarly publishing. The well-known academicians are the part of editorial and reviewers board of this academic journal. The remarkable participation of the academicians as the author is the strength of this academic journal.

    1. Journal of engineering research

The academic journal focuses mainly on the engineering research. IJIERT being the journal of engineering research has reach to better citations from research articles in the field of engineering research.

      1. What makes us research journal?

We focus on publishing the research journal articles. We being research journal mainly prefer the original research articles for publication.

      1. What makes us engineering journal

Most of the articles of IJIERT are making it an Engineering journal. Engineering journal articles published in IJIERT are of excellent quality and hence referred by the engineering societies and libraries.

    1. Journal of science and technology

We are the journal of science and technology. We prove the claim of being a journal of science and technology as below:

      1. What makes us science journal

The science journal, IJIERT includes the science articles for publication. Being science journal we are also wishing to sponsor some international conferences in the field of sciences.

      1. What makes us technology journal

We include the articles proposing or explaining the technological advancements of recent times. The technology journal, IJIERT is the great supporter of the recent technological research trends.

    1. International Journal of Engineering and Technology

IJIERT is an international journal of engineering and technology. The target of IJIERT is to become a best international journal of engineering and technology. We invite the engineering and technological researchers to work with us by publishing and joining the editorial board. The creative ideas are always proposed by the researchers around the globe and the global participation of technocrats will make IJIERT an innovative international journal of engineering and technology in a real sense.

Editorial Team, IJIERT