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Vivek Bhaskar Ghorpade
Nikhil Vijay Shelke
Shadab Aslam Patel
Sufiyan Fiyaj Shaikh
Vikas Baburao Ghoderao
Prof. Gayatri Rajendra Darandale


In this project we are trying to utilize one transport medium that is road speed breaker. Aeration of sewage in sewer pipeline's/ channel’s carried out by replacing the traditional speed breakers with some simple mechanism. The present invention relates generally to mechanisms for infusing air from the atmosphere into Sewage network pipelines. In this project we are trying to utilize friction between tires and road pavement. As vehicles pass over the speed breakers, they rotates the rollers/rotar (hump of speed breaker) which are connected to a gear mechanism which further connected into sewer pipeline ,In this unit the paddles are connected which drains out the sewage. This method is an effective way to drained out the sewage in very less time as the numbers of vehicles on the road are ever increasing. Also the cost of fabrication of the model is low. It can be effectively placed near high volume traffic flow. This method provides an efficient way to clean the sewage by aeration process from the channel in very less time and having large discharge as compare to existing one from the kinetic energy of moving vehicles on roads.

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Vivek Bhaskar Ghorpade, Nikhil Vijay Shelke, Shadab Aslam Patel, Sufiyan Fiyaj Shaikh, Vikas Baburao Ghoderao, & Prof. Gayatri Rajendra Darandale. (2021). ROTATING SPEED BREAKER SURFACE AERATOR SEWAGE SYSTEM. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 8(07), 53–59.