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Rushikesh S. Zalte
Pritam A. Bhosale
Avinash Y. Devtwal


Everyone knows fire it is very useful as well as hazardous for human life. when we go close to it we feel warm in cold weather, fire is mostly used in industries also in automobiles to run the vehicle, in houses for cooking food or in bigger food industries chemical industries, nuclear power plants, hydrolic power plants, but if situation goes out of control then what we do, we use fire extinguisher to extinguish flames what it consist, it consist of powder material or chemical of carbon dioxide which avoids the contact of oxygen to the flames. Fire(flames) requires oxygen to burn continuously, without oxygen flames can’t burn ,so that we are going do in our project. My group is going to make a device which will work as a fire extinguisher but with the help of “sound”. Sure sound ridiculous but it is true. A sound which extinguish flames.We are going to extinguish flames using sound frequency. It is all about bass as we in human life music is most appreciating thing for different emotions for express enjoyment for relaxing and for music speakers are mostly used. And we know speakers are mostly use in dj concerts in function ns or in events. Means these are basically use to listen music And that we are going to do, for proper working of model we need specific sound frequency with a bass sound which will have pulse. When we put these sound frequency of flames then the sound stops the supply of oxygen due to which flames will be extinguish. flames will be start to extinguish.

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Rushikesh S. Zalte, Pritam A. Bhosale, Avinash Y. Devtwal, & Prof.L.B.Abhang. (2021). SOUND FIRE EXTINGUISHER. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 8(07), 310–313.