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Mr. Jivan B. Patil
Prof. Chinala Mallareddy
Mr. Sharad B. Bhosale
Prof. Shravankumar Akireddy


In our day-to-day life, every load creates harmonics. The prevalent difficulties with harmonics arevoltage and current waveform distortions. In addition, electronic equipment like computers, battery chargers, electronic ballasts, variable frequency drives and switched mode power supply generate large amount of harmonics. Issues related to harmonics are of a greater concern because they can overheat the building wiring, cause nuisance tripping, overheat transformer units, and cause random end-user equipment failures. Thus power quality is becoming more and more serious with each passing day. As a result, active power filters (APFs) have gained a lot of attention due to their excellent harmonic compensation.

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Mr. Jivan B. Patil, Prof. Chinala Mallareddy, Mr. Sharad B. Bhosale, & Prof. Shravankumar Akireddy. (2021). INSTANTANEOUSPOWERANDCURRENTSTRATEGIESFORCURRENTHARMONICSCANCELLATIONUSINGSHUNTACTIVEPOWERFILTERWITHPIANDFUZZYCONTROLLERS. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 2(4), 1–10. Retrieved from