Energy Efficient Lighting Scheme OfBuildings Using Computer Tools

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Mithari Rahul Bhivaji
Gaikwad Vikrant Sateri


In many of places or buildings uses only artificial lighting scheme. The daylight is reduces the cost of energy consumption with lighting load. In case of cloudy condition there is less availability of daylight. Thus for proper visualization of objects, manage lighting scheme with artificial as well as daylight harvesting. Using RELUX software design building with proper combination of artificial and daylight schemes with help of sensor element for automatic ON-OFF control.The another tool like DIALUX software reduces the unwanted shadow and glare effect in building.

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S.H.Shete, Mithari Rahul Bhivaji, PharneShridharLalaso, & Gaikwad Vikrant Sateri. (2021). Energy Efficient Lighting Scheme OfBuildings Using Computer Tools. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 2(4), 1–7. Retrieved from