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Prof. Hanamant Mallad1, Er. Bhakti H. Mallad2, Prof. Jadhav K.P 1


The complexity of the power demand has been increased with growth in power system generation and transmission which are restricted to resources and environment which lead to transmission system for heavily loading and becoming less secure to ride through outages. Large power flows with inadequate control, excessive reactive power, dynamics swings between different parts of the system and bottlenecks reduce the potential of the transmission interconnections. With the increase in demand for power, has in fact increased the complexity of the power system, greater power system security and quality of supply, with use of Flexible AC Transmission System Technology (FACTS) allows dynamic and flexible control of power system it has much potential to cater to most of the needs of present power system and enables utilities to get the most service from their transmission facilities and enhance grid reliability. An attempt is made in this paper to study UPFC, modeling with SIMULINK, voltage regulation and reactive power and total harmonic distortion aspects.

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Prof. Hanamant Mallad1, Er. Bhakti H. Mallad2, Prof. Jadhav K.P 1. (2022). STUDY OF FACT DEVICE UPFC. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology. Retrieved from