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Pandurang S. Valte 1, Miss. Surayya M. Pathan 2, Vaishnavi A. Tonage 2,


The modern age of technology in which most of the customer needs to wait in the supermarket for shopping because it is a highly time-consuming process. A huge crowd in the supermarket at the time of discount offers or weekends makes trouble to wait in long queues because of a barcode-based billing process. In this regard, the Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Shopping Cart is proposed which consists of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors, Arduino microcontroller, Bluetooth module, and Mobile application.RFID sensors depend on wireless communication. One part is the RFID tag attached to each product and the other is RFID reader that reads the product information efficiently. After this, each product information shows in the Mobile application. The customer easily manages the shopping list in Mobile application according to preferences. Then shopping information sends to the server wirelessly and automatically generates billing. This experimental prototype is designed to eliminate time-consuming shopping process and quality of services issues. The proposed system can easily be implemented and tested at a commercial scale under the real scenario in the future. That is why the proposed model is more competitive as compared to others.

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Pandurang S. Valte 1, Miss. Surayya M. Pathan 2, Vaishnavi A. Tonage 2,. (2022). SMART SHOPPING CART USING RFID. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology. Retrieved from