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Swapana .M. Vasekar1,Venktesh Gavade2,Satish Kadam2,Sanket Ghadage2,Santosh Mane2


Peddling washing machine is a very great innovation in its own. Peddling washing machine is specially made for the purpose of its utilization to wash the cloth by means of applying pedal. Today due to non-renewable energy cries its basic need to utilize the energy from other way
or save the energy. This project includes the construction and utilization of the peddling washing machine which can with any amount of requirement.

The following pages in the report includes about the constructions of peddling washing machine, its raw material, it’s working, benefits of the peddling washing machine with respect to actual electronics washing machine save the time, water, electricity, and not very expensive. Its main expect is exercises with applying the pedal to wash the cloth.

The present work is an attempt to develop a concept to make a cloth washing mechanism which can meet out the requirements of above mentioned 70% population of the nation. Working principle of this concept is no more different from available similar type of machine with a difference driving mechanism of the machine. The objective of bringing down the initial cost and operating cost of washing machine is almost achieved in present work within the limitation of work as mentioned. The main aim is to reduce the human effort for provides the light washing in the rural and dark areas which are very far from the electricity and development. In our country where approximately 70% population is living with very poor economic status, those people cannot have a washing machine because of cost constraints and unavailability of electricity due to any reason according to survey 2013-2014, there are approximate 25722 villages are still not electrified, where 400 million people are suffering from this problem.

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