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Akash A. Pawar 1, Akash Maruti Ingale2, Prashant Dada Shinde 2, Somnath Maruti Lonkar 2.


Drill is device used to locate and clamp the work piece as well as it guides the tool. Jig is mainly used for mass production. For large scale production of different material, a lot of time is wasted in setup of device and clamping the device. Trial and error method is usually practiced until the axis of work is properly aligned with axis of drill. In such a situation a lot of time is being wasted to maintain the accuracy. Eventually it increases the operator’s fatigue. Thus, drill jig can increase productivity by increasing individual positioning, marking and frequent changing. The main advantage of the jigs is interchangeability.
Jig design consist of selecting the proper locating and clamping devices and the jig should be robust in order to withstand the cutting forces so the proper material should be selected for manufacturing of the jig. The clamping forces and the cutting force must be calculated and checked and the clamping force must be greater than the cutting force so that the clamping will resist the cutting forces.
The aim of this project is to design and manufacture the jig for drilling the holes on the mild steel component so that the position of holes will be at proper position with very less tolerance. The jig is designed for simple vertical milling machine so that unskilled worker will be able to drill the holes without any mistake.
The drilling and clamping force are calculated and the design is checked for the safety a proper operation.

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Akash A. Pawar 1, Akash Maruti Ingale2, Prashant Dada Shinde 2, Somnath Maruti Lonkar 2. (2022). MANUFACTURING OF LEAF TYPE DRILL JIG. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology. Retrieved from