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Pooja Nirali1, Dipali Jugadar2 Bharati Sawant3


Concrete is one of the most extensively used building material. Scarcity and non-available of coarseaggregate at affordable cost affected adversely on the construction industry.So using alternative material(lateritestone)forcoarse. The experiment is mainly aimed to study the structural properties of concrete mix in which coarse aggregate is partially replaced by lateritre stone. Concrete mix contains 0%, 20%,25%,30%,35%,40%, 45% and 50% of coarse aggregate replaced by laterite stone. Here it is observed that whenupto25% of coarse aggregate is substituted by laterite stone aggregate the concrete strength like compressive andsplit tensile has been boosted. Whereas the workability of concrete decreases with increase of percentage oflaterite stone as coarse aggregate. We got maximum compressive strength 42.63 N/mm2 and split tensilestrength of 11.55 N/mm2 of 25% replacement of laterite stone for M30 grade. Hence from above results we conclude that compare to conventional concrete 25% of coarse aggregate can be replaced by later it estone.

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Pooja Nirali1, Dipali Jugadar2 Bharati Sawant3. (2022). EXPERIMENTAL STUDY ON STRENGTH OFCONCRETEBYPARTIALREPLACEMENTOFCOARSEAGGREGATEBYLATERITESTONE. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology. Retrieved from https://repo.ijiert.org/index.php/ijiert/article/view/3288