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Amol A. Metkari


The Building Information Modelling (BIM) includes design and construction information. It is not only visual presentation, but also state construction simulation. The main application of BIM is to provide 3D animation, environmental analysis, green energy analysis, crash detection analysis, quantity & cost analysis, operation and maintenance information. The BIM model provides platform for information integration. It is helpful for design evaluation and assist designer to verify drawing correctness and consistency. All kinds of information can improve project management level. By analyzing relevant information of the construction process, the BIM model can provide a better way to the building operation management also. Therefore, many enterprises are starting to adopt BIM tool, but some of them do not know the the BIM series function clearly, because there is no more specific reference to use. This article resource is according to literature review from different references, such as conference and journal articles. This article is to analyze BIM application in practices and compare & summarize relevant research results. The results display various influence through adoption of BIM, such as 3D/4D/5D/6D functions. Finally, the article objective is to promote the whole BIM functions could be applied completely in the construction activities.

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