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Sangeeta Khandagle
D. H. Bhoite


As energy is very important in day today’s life also it is known as lifeblood of today’s all community. All traditional fossils fuels are limited and rate of the fuels are also going to increases day by day and pollution is the very big issue by combustion of traditional fuel so it is very basic need to search a alternative fuel option because demand of energy is growing up day by day and we have to take it granted traditional fuels are limited because stocks of crude oil is very limited.

So it’s very basic need to take a option of alternative fuel this calls to promote such a alternative fuel to reduce environmental pollution from renewable energy resources it should be used for transport by increasing efficiency.Hydrogen and bacon cells are observed by many as important solutions for the coming days, enabling clean efficient production of  power  and  heat  from  a  range  of  primary  energy  sources.This paper discusses about how hydrogen can be a good alternate fuel –the methods of production of hydrogen, storage, transportation of hydrogen, hydrogen for the efficient production of power  using  fuel  cells  and  also  modifications  required  in  vehicles  to  adjust to  this  alternative  and  finally  the  challenges  faced  in  realization  of  hydrogen  as  fuel.

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