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Ishaq Azhar Mohammed


This paper discusses the application of identity and access management in Blockchain technology. It is essential in our day-to-day lives that we have effective identity and access management systems. The majority of currently available IAM solutions are centralized, which creates many problems, the most important of which is privacy. The blockchain serves as the foundation of our system, which is by its very nature decentralized and secure [1]. According to our approach, none of the critical identification information about the user is kept on a centralized server; instead, it is stored on the mobile device that has been allocated to that user. This serves two purposes: it protects the user's personal information while also allowing the user to manage his or her identification information. In our increasingly linked and digitalized world, digital identification is becoming more essential. In the case of digital identities, most of us have a number of them, each one connected with a different aspect of our job, our personal life, or another professional activity (ies) [2]. This leads to a rising dependence on identity information management (also known as identity management, identity management and access control, and other terms in the research), which is intended to manage and protect our personal information while also providing appropriate services. Based on blockchain's success, efforts were made to incorporate blockchain into the development of the next wave of identity management systems.

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