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Dr. Taha Shabbir
Dr. Yasmeen Sultana Farooqui
Dr. Muhamad Nadeemullah
Dr.Sabir Ahmed
Umair Ansari


COVID-19 has a detrimental impact on the employee's work performance and raised the likelihood of mistake. It's about determining whether a correlation between employee support and business success can be established on a wide scale. Let us examine the distinctions between job fairness and workplace justice. A convenience survey of 222 media workers was defined and chosen for this analysis. To elicit answers, the questionnaires were left open-ended. It was used to evaluate a subset of the responses through a Pseudo-Differential Templating Method. Employee morale increases through periods of increased cash flow, since COVID-19 sees this as supplying workers with more resources rather than providing a foundation for their jobs. Both concepts are not mutually exclusive; indeed, they must be followed together, since corporate fairness is critical in explaining the relationship between perceived operational assistance and employee performance. Managers must provide their employees with the opportunities necessary to excel if they want their employees to perform well. When workers perceive management's motivation and honesty as something of personal worth, they become inspired and perform at their highest. Employee commitment to an organization's overall success is much more important. The thesis examined the relationship between non-reported assistance and employees' levels of job success in the sense of COVID-19 and discovered a nonlinear relationship between expectations of assistance and performance. The public continues to face extra financial assistance from companies in the modern era.

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Dr. Taha Shabbir, Dr. Yasmeen Sultana Farooqui, Dr. Muhamad Nadeemullah, Dr.Sabir Ahmed, & Umair Ansari. (2021). CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF MEDIA EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE AFTER COVID- 19 SCENARIO. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 8(04), 184–193. Retrieved from