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Daniyorova Barchinoy Absattarovna


Today, our children will not be surprised with fairy tales, of course, against the background of the adventures of Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket, filmed with a full set of special effects and causing an adrenaline rush, Perrault's soft and unhurried tales do not cause enthusiasm. Modern heroes are pragmatic and rational, and fairy-tale plots are so dynamic that it takes your breath away, but, drawn into the adrenaline maelstrom of modern fairy tales, our children, unfortunately, very early cease to be children. Remember, for sure the kind Cinderella or the clever Boy-with-Finger were your favorite heroes and you wanted to be just as beautiful and kind or just as brave and resourceful! Immersed in the world of the latest technologies and the problems generated by this world, we, what is the saddest thing, stopped believing in good fairies, our childhood is over. But, admit, sometimes you really want to return to it. So why don't we remember today a man, on whose kind and cheerful fairy tales more than one generation of people grew up in many countries of the world?

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