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Deepali Munde
Snehal Sutar
Mr. Anil C. Ranveer


India is one of the largest growers of sugarcane with an estimated produced of around 300 million tons in the marketing year 2009-2019. Sugar-distillery complexes, integrating the production of cane sugar and ethanol, constitute one of the key agro-based industries. There are presently nearly 400 sugar factories in the country along with around 300 molasses based alcohol distilleries. These include sugarcane trash, bagasse,pressmud and bagasse fly ash. Vermicomposting of pressmud is an efficient method of waste disposal, enabling recycling of organic matter.Vermicomposting of pressmud is one of the most promising technologies for solid waste treatment.

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Deepali Munde, Snehal Sutar, & Mr. Anil C. Ranveer. (2021). VERMICOMPOSTINGOFPRESSMUDFROMSUGARINDUSTRY. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 2(4), 1–10. Retrieved from