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Mr. Raghunath Rajaput
Mr. Tamboli Najirkhan
Prof. S.T Waghmode


In conventional method of mixing the metal oxide powder and vehicle mixing is carried out on ‘Unidirectional Stirring Machine’ The stirrer of conventional machine rotates in one direction only which creates a particular flow pattern in the fluids hence the particles tend to stick to the walls of container owing to the centrifugal force rather than mixing thoroughly in mixture of paint, ultimately results into poor quality mixture of paints there by poor quality output of paint .In order to have a homogeneous mixing would be appropriate to have a directions of rotation of stirrer shaft which will rotate stirrer blades in opposite directions in one cycle this will form turbulent flow pattern there by leading to creation of irregular flow pattern and resulting into thoroughly mixed paint mixture preparation which will create the good quality paint.

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Mr. Raghunath Rajaput, Mr. Tamboli Najirkhan, & Prof. S.T Waghmode. (2021). BI?DIRECTIONALMIXER. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 2(4), 1–13. Retrieved from