Auto Control for Three Phase Induction Motor

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Rahul R.Petkar
Pallavi S.Shinde
Pallavi B.Bachche
Sonal C.Desai.


Auto Control for Three Phase Induction Motor” is one of the advancements in Electrical Machines. This paper focuses on several advancements that overcome the shortcomings, such as line dropout, single phasing, overload damage and reverse phasing present in the existing systems using 3-Phase Motors. The 3-Phase Motor controller circuit presented here is fully IC based, which is designed to work in difficult environmental conditions. This drive integrates several facilities with built-in protection for current sensing, overload control, under/over frequency cut-off along with auto-starter and off-timer. This controller is possesses major parts viz., phase sequence checker, auto-starter and current sensing circuit, motor on-off timer and power supply circuit.

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Rahul R.Petkar, Pallavi S.Shinde, Pallavi B.Bachche, DhirajG.Kamble, & Sonal C.Desai. (2021). Auto Control for Three Phase Induction Motor. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 2(4), 1–6. Retrieved from