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Mr. V.B.Phadtare
Dr. V.R. Ghorpade


In today’s internet world it is very essential to secretly share biometric data stored in the central database. There are so many options to secretly share biometric data using cryptographic computation. This work reviews and applies a perfectly secure method to secretly share biometric data, for possible use in biometric authentication and protection based on concept of visual cryptography. The basic concept of proposed approach is to secretly share private image into two meaningful and unexpanded shares (sheets) that are stored in two separate database servers such that decryption can be performed only when both shares are simultaneously available; at the same time, the individual share do not open identity of the private image.

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Mr. V.B.Phadtare, & Dr. V.R. Ghorpade. (2021). MEANINGFULANDUNEXPANDEDSHARESFORVISUALSECRETSHARINGSCHEMES. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 2(4), 1–11. Retrieved from