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Sadashiv Kamble
Sunil Kamble
Vaibhav Chavan
Anis Mestry
Nilesh Patil


Solar energy is rapidly gaining notoriety as an important means of expanding renewable energy resources. As such, it is vital that those in engineering fields understand the technologies associated with this area. Our project will include the design and construction of a microcontroller-based solar panel tracking system. Solar tracking allows more energy to be produced because the solar array is able to remain aligned to the sun. This system builds upon topics learned in this course. A working system will ultimately be demonstrated to validate the design. Problems and possible improvements will also be presented .Sustainable energy systems are necessary for the economic growth and a healthy environment.

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Sadashiv Kamble, Sunil Kamble, Vaibhav Chavan, Anis Mestry, & Nilesh Patil. (2021). DUALAXISSOLARTRACKINGSYSTEM. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 2(4), 1–9. Retrieved from https://repo.ijiert.org/index.php/ijiert/article/view/397