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Mr..Sagar D.Patil.
Prof. S. S. Raut.
Prof. M. S. Biradar.


This project presents the design and development of a low cost system for real time monitoring of drinking water quality at consumer sites. The system consists of several in-pipes Electrochemical and optical sensors and emphasis is given on low cost, lightweight implementation and reliable long time operation. Such implementation is suitable for large deployments enabling a sensor network approach for providing spatiotemporally rich data to water consumers, water companies and authorities. Extensive literature and market research is performed to identify low cost, on-line sensors that can reliably monitor several parameters which can be used to infer the water quality. In this project we overcome the drawback present in existing system by monitoring water quality problem for drinking water distribution systems as well as for consumer sites.

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Mr.Sagar D.Patil., Prof. S. S. Raut., & Prof. M. S. Biradar. (2021). SENSORNETWORKFORREAL?TIMEMONITORINGANDDETECTIONCONTAMINATIONINDRINKINGWATERDISTRIBUTIONSYSTEMS. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 2(4), 1–7. Retrieved from