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Parag Dounde, Milan Shetake, Gajanan Kale


World Wide Web is growing continuously day by day and www having billions of sites and knowledge within the kind of documents, pictures and other multimedia in structured or unstructured manner. As an outsized and dynamic information source that's structurally complex and ever growing. From it the potential of extracting valuable knowledge from the net has been so difficult. Web mining, i.e. the appliance of knowledge mining techniques to extract knowledge from website mining, web structure mining and web usage mining, these three categories house different features of an internet page, web page mining deals with discovering useful information or knowledge from online page contents, web structure mining deals with discovering and modeling the link structure of web, web usage mining is employed to get interesting patterns. For the net mining there are various data processing techniques are used namely associations rule, sequential pattern discovery, clustering, classification, path analysis. Association Rule Mining Predict the association and correlation among set of things “where the presence of 1 set of things in a very transaction implies (with a particular degree of confidence) the presence of other items. Sequential pattern discovery it's applied to web access server transaction logs. the aim is to get sequential patterns that indicate user visit patterns over a specific period. That is, the order during which URLs tend to be accessed. Clustering it groups together items (users, pages, etc.,) that have similar characteristics. Classification it maps a knowledge item into one amongst several predetermined classes. Example: describing each user’s category using profiles. Path Analysis technique that involves the generation of some variety of graph that represents relation[s] defined on sites. the online mining research relates to many research communities like Database, Information Retrieval and computing.

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