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Swati Patil1, Asmita More2, Dnyaneshwari shinde2, Kajal Kamble2 , Sukshma Ganganmale2


The bridge is a structure which makes transportation easy and fast as per demand of day to day increasing traffic volume, which is made for saving time and provides ease in personal and professional lifestyle. The structural concept is developed from the existing bascule bridges. The bridge we are going to design is not been used before, it is not very different than existing bridges. It’s kind of similar to the rotational bridges but they are suspended on pier at the center which is constructed on the river, lake, etc. and it is also very difficult to construct such a pier for long span bridges, hence the “SAM PRONATION BRIDGE” is a solution for this.

The mechanism that we are providing for rotation, need some power for making movement of bridge, so the connections of controls are from bank of river or lake, hence reduces the chances of failure. In this project we have consider all the cons of existing bridges and trying to make some improvement in them. The bridge is supported on the bank of river or lake and joining two or more routes. The bridge movement is horizontal and driven by mechanical means. The two or more destinations are designed as another bearing portion of the bridge. The vehicles coming are directed as per the direction they needed and then goes to their destination.


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Swati Patil1, Asmita More2, Dnyaneshwari shinde2, Kajal Kamble2 , Sukshma Ganganmale2. (2022). ROTATING BRIDGE MODEL AND ITS APPLICATIONS. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology. Retrieved from