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G..A. Bongale
Megha K. Badave
Akanksha N. Chile
Priti V. Desai
Namrata .S Patil


Nowadays world is shifting towards the electric vehicle to reduce pollution as well as the use of fossil fuel which is reducing day by day, due to conventional vehicles. But there are some major issues in the electric vehicle like charging process, traveling range etc. to adapt the electric vehicle over the conventional vehicle. It is estimated that the losses occurred due to wire is about 20-30%. So, to overcome the issues in conventional charging process, a wireless charging system is designed. It uses a wireless power transfer module. In which there is use of transmitting and a receiving module, transfer the power wirelessly.Apart from wireless power transfer (WPT), for fast and easy operation of charging microcontroller, encoder, decoder, transistor, LCD, RF transmitter and receiver are used in this system. Hence the detailed information about the wireless charging system is explained in this paper. 

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G.A. Bongale, Megha K. Badave, Akanksha N. Chile, Priti V. Desai, & Namrata .S Patil. (2022). WIRELESS CHARGER FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLE. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 9(6), 25–30. https://doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/JHZA9