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Vengie D. Nohara
Marjohn T. Corteza
Edchel V. Alonzo
Jason C. Magsino


Most businesses have remained strong up until now using information systems. IS is essential for the existence of an organization. Market competitions continue to prosper, and information systems allow businesses to maintain and survive the competition or to provide them a competitive edge over opponents. The Sales and Inventory System has been designed to provide a system to handle the present issues inside this firm. No existing system means that sales and inventory transactions are complicated, and reporting is delayed. Keeping track of things inside and out is another challenge that should also be taken into account. Researchers suggested the Sales and Inventory System overcome the current problems. The user requirements are studied to determine the information demands of end-users, the organizational context, and the current system. The user wants to computerize consumer orders, order internally, item information, and manually buy orders.
The objective of the research is to automate the business's sales and inventory procedures, conveniently monitor its inventory, simplify the process for inventory reports, and provide accurate inventory reports in due time. These goals will help maintain efficient operational flows while producing rapid and precise information for submission and compilation.

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Vengie D. Nohara, Marjohn T. Corteza, Edchel V. Alonzo, & Jason C. Magsino. (2021). INFORMATION SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR MANOLETTE BAKESHOP. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 8(07), 34–40.