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Megha K S.
Nalina R.
Nayana R.
Venkata Yogeshwar
Preethi M V


People in the world today must be connected and ready for easy access to information. The Internet of Things means that computer devices that are integrated in everyday objects can be connected to send and receive data via the Internet. It is an interactive, futuristic multimedia Smart Mirror with artificial environmental intelligence and commercial applications in different industries. At present, 3D mirrors and hair salon smart mirrors are expensive, and are limited to use in public places. The user can interact with the mobile phone through the APP mirror, mirror through speech synthesis module make sounds, such as asking the mirror the weather, news, time, the mirror can automatically obtain the corresponding information network and broadcast.Through facial recognition and speech recognition model smart mirror can identify the user.The designed intelligent mirror has the advantages of small size, simple operation, and is suitable for families, and has broad application prospects.

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Megha K S., Nalina R., Nayana R., Venkata Yogeshwar, & Preethi M V. (2021). SMART MIRROR. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 8(05), 202–207.