Publication Ethics and Policies

Publication Ethics:

IJIERT believed in maintaining the quality of the research work published. IJIERT is motivated to follows the ethics set by The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Please check the guidelines available at:

  • IJIERT expects that the research manuscripts received and published should be ethically proven to be original.
  • Manipulated and fabricated data is strictly prohibited.
  • Research output should be valid and must have been carried out by the authors.
  • The work should be original, not plagiarized, and has not been published elsewhere.


Conflict of Interest:

We strongly advise the authors, reviewers, & editorial members to avoid the conflict of interest (COI). The decision of the acceptance or rejection should never be motivated by the conflict of interest. Such works will be re-assigned to other editors.



A submitted research work is a confidential material. IJIERT will not disclose any kind of submitted work anyone except individuals who are responsible for processing and preparation of the manuscript for publication. These include staff, authors, reviewers, and editors.


Correction of Articles:

Corrections could be done in two ways.

Minor Correction: Made directly in manuscript.

Major Corrections: A revised paper will be published and both articles will be linked to each other through a link provided in paper.


Peer Review Policy:

IJIERT is following the double blind peer review process. We are not disclosing the identity of the reviewers and authors to each time. Reviewers’ identity is removed from the reports before allotting it to the reviewer. The author informed with only the review reports/recommendation. On receipt of the revised manuscript (If applicable), the original manuscript, and the revised manuscript and the review reports are sent to the editor. The editor makes one of the following decisions:

  • Accept
  • The Manuscript Requires Improvement
  • Reject

Final decision making is authority of the Editor. Authors are always informed about the decision made with justification about the publication of the manuscript.


Plagiarism Policy:

Corrections could be done in two ways.IJIERT always ensures the originality of the contents to be published. The manuscript received will be tested for the originality with the help of the plagiarism checking tools like iThenticate or Plagiarism Checker-X. If the manuscript is found plagiarized, the further process of the review will not be carried out and the manuscript is rejected. If the plagiarism is proven during review or after publication of the manuscript, IJIERT is still taking a strict action and rejecting or removing the manuscript from the website. In case of any complaint regarding the published contents original authors are requested to contact us on [email protected]


Free Access Policy:

Corrections could be done in two ways.All the research work published in IJIERT is free to every individual in the world. The access to the contents is open to all under the creative commons licenses (CC-BY). Kindly find more details on the link given below: BIS_committee_UK_OA_Policy


Responsibilities of Authors:

  • Must submit the original work
  • Submitted manuscript must not be published anywhere else in either online or offline form
  • Should check the grammar mistakes before submitting the manuscript
  • Should not copy the others published or unpublished work
  • Should avoid the conflict of interest
  • Should follow the guidelines given by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

The following is a summary of COPE’s international standards for authors of scholarly research publications and describes responsible research reporting practice.

  • The research being reported should have been conducted in an ethical and responsible manner and should comply with all relevant legislation.
  • Researchers should present their results clearly, honestly, and without fabrication, falsification or inappropriate data manipulation.
  • Researchers should strive to describe their methods clearly and unambiguously so that their findings can be confirmed by others.
  • Researchers should adhere to publication requirements that submitted work is original, is•not plagiarized, and has not been published elsewhere.
  • Authors should take collective responsibility for submitted and published work.
  • The authorship of research publications should accurately reflect individuals’ contributions to the work and its reporting.
  • Funding sources and relevant conflicts of interest should be disclosed.


Responsibilities of Editors:

  • Should take responsibility of proper completion of double blind peer review
  • Should prevent the conflict of interest related to the submitted manuscript
  • Should take care of confidentiality of the manuscript before publishing


Responsibilities of Reviewers:

  • Should evaluate the papers fairly for checking the quality of the papers.
  • No information related to author will be given to reviewers before the paper is published.
  • Should keep the manuscript confidential without fail.
  • Should submit the report of review in prescribed format.
  • Should present the fair opinion on every received paper.
  • Should spare the time for review process and complete it within specified period.


Policy on Digital Archiving:

IJIERT is trying the best for archiving the digital contents. IJIERT is taking support of the digital archiving repositories for the same and few of them are listed below

  • Zenedo
  • DOI
  • GitHub
  • OpenAire
  • UOI


Waiver Policy

IJIERT being supporter of the technology may grant the full or partial fees waiver in article publication. The processing charges for all those are unable to pay can be waived. Authors from low income countries may apply to take advantage of this scheme. The interested authors are requested to contact us to know more on [email protected]


Disclaimer :

The authors of each manuscript are responsible for the contents, facts and opinions they have discusses in the manuscript. IJIERT is not directly or indirectly involved in the process of preparing manuscript hence the stated facts / information in the manuscript is solely the responsibility of the authors and coauthors of the article.