Privacy Policy

Policy of the authors, editors and reviewers personal information is important for IJIERT. IJIERT believes in protecting the personal information of every individual directly or indirectly working with IJIERT. The policy of IJIERT on Privacy of the individual is as follows:

  • We do not share any personal information with anyone at any terms and conditions
  • We do not save any passwords or login credentials
  • We do not save any payment details like card number, login Id’s , Passwords or any other details
  • We do not send any promotional email without subscriptions
  • Every individual has full rights to unsubscribe to our promotional mails
  • We do not share the personal details of the authors and reviewers to each other
  • We do not publish any manuscripts before final submission and completion of the formalities by the authors

In case of any queries or complaints kindly contact us on [email protected]