Peer Reviewed Journal Policy

IJIERT is a peer reviewed, refereed international journal. We conduct the double-blind peer review of the articles after submission and before accepting it. The acceptance of the article for publications is solely based on the opinions of the editorial and reviewers assigned to the articles for completion of a review. Each and every article is published only if the referee assigned to the article recommends it for inclusion. We are trying to elaborate the policy on this peer reviewed journal on checking the paper before accepting it for publication. The following sections are explaining it in a better manner.


What is Review

Generally, the review is the opinion of the third party on any issue or entity can simply define the word review. The review is mainly effective for understanding the quality of the product through the opinions of the actual users of the product.

What is Peer Reviewed Journal?

It is the process of checking or making the experts comment on any academic, scientific or scholarly information, data or article. The comments are mainly important for the editors to take the decision on acceptance/rejection of the articles. There are several ways of carrying out the peer review process. The detailed information on this is enlightened by Elsevier in the note. Read complete article

What is a Refereed Journal?

The journal, which assigns the referee for quality check and corrections of the article to make the decision for acceptance or rejection of the articles, can be recognized as refereed journal. The editorial team will handle the responsibility of assigning the referee to the articles and takes the follow up to get the work complete in specified time. The assigned person must be the expert in the field, in which the article is written.

IJIERT implements the double-blind peer review process. The process is carried out as per the availability of the expertise available to our editorial board. In this process, we will never reveal the information of the authors to the reviewers and vice versa. As per the comments of the reviewer, we ask the authors to revise the articles and resubmit it to us. Once all the discrepancies are corrected then the articles will process for further actions. The complete process of IJIERT paper publication cycle will be found here.

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