IJIERT indexing, abstracting and digital preservation:

Being an author-friendly journal, we take care of our authors even after making the paper available online. We feel that the authors publishing with us should get the better reach to their articles event if we exist or not. We commit for submission of the published papers to various repositories and the preservation libraries. The articles published must reach to the researchers all over the word for citation purpose of their future work. The indexing of the journal in various databases improves the journal rankings as more number of the researchers will cite the data. Scimago decides the journal ranking by average number of the citations the journal articles has over the specific period. The worldwide journal rankings are available at scimago journals rank. The basic need to improve journal ranking is to publish the original quality research articles and meet more number of citations. The high index journal will be promoting the research articles of the authors to more reputed repositories. Elsevier prepares and publish the journal citation reports. Know more

Every indexing and abstracting service has the basic criteria for inclusion of the journals. IJIERT is working continuously to get included in more and more standard databases for getting the journal ranking, index journal, journal citation reports. Up till now IJIERT is present by indexing means in following international indexing abstracting and digital preservation services. We are trying to elaborate the basics related to the indexing and abstracting services by answering following FAQ’s we came across:


What is indexing of a journal?


Indexing is making the journal available in the renowned databases for better search, reach and citation of the articles


Shall the author have to pay for indexing?


If the journal is indexed in the service, authors are not supposed to pay for it separately. While individually, if author is submitting the paper to a particular service, author has to pay the charges to the service provider of indexing.


Who indexes the journal?


Various international service agencies and libraries for indexing will provide the service to the journal/ publisher or an individual author at paid or free of cost.


What are the benefits of indexing?


Generally, if the journal is indexed in various databases, it will be better for researchers to refer it and citations of the papers will improve rapidly.


The journals whose articles are present in more and more standard databases are normally known as high index journal.


What do we do to index your paper?


IJIERT has taken initiative to index the papers post publishing in many standard databases. We ask the authors to click on the indexing service symbol to check the presence of IJIERT in the database.

IJIERT is indexed in

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