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Mandaloju Venkateshwarlu


The efficiency of regeneration from Cotyledonary segments was compared by containing the number of shoots MS basal medium with growth regulaters BAP 0.5mgl NAA and Kn, 0.5 mgl/L to 3.0 mgl/L, LGlutamic acid and CM Coconut milk 3.0mgl/L the regeneration MS contained medium 2.0 mgl/L BAP and 2.0 mgl/L L-Glutamic acid NAA Callus, shoot and plant regeneration in Cucurbita maxima the successful establishment of In Vitro requirements for plant regeneration from Cucurbita maxima Cotyledonary nodal segments. The nodal explants were inoculated on MS basal medium supplemented with various cytokinins i.e., BAP and NAA. Coconut water also had a role in triggering the formation of multiple shoots. Addition of BAP at 2.0 mg/l concentration or NAA at 3.0 mg/l to the MS basal medium, induced regeneration from the nodal segments Trichosanthes Cucumeriana. In Vitro seeding derived callus saussurea (Joshi 2003, Wawro Sch 2001). Elimination of viruses fro fruit trees (Knapp et al 1995, Cieslinska 2002) Shoot induction was achieved in one of the important medicinal plant of cucurbitacae family, Cucurbita maxima. MS medium supplemented with 1.0 mg/l BAP + 2.0 mg/l NAA and 2.0 mg/l L-Glutamicacid was found to be optimum to induce shoots. The present study established reliable and reproducible protocol for rapid multiple shoot induction from Cotyledonary explants of Trichosanthes Cucumeriana using different concentrations and combinations of cytokinins. Tissue culture techniques are now becoming popular as alternative means of vegetative propagation. The effect of benzyl amino purine in inducing shoot induction was already reported in some of the important medicinal plants (Komalavalli and Rao, 2000). An effective and reproductive procedure for the regeneration of shoots and plantlets from callus and in vitro tissue culture technique is essential in studies involving gene transfer. Somewhat greater success in regeneration of bean from organ cultures Malik and Sexena (1991) protoplast Isolation from leaf explants of Solanum Surattense A Ramulu, et al (2014) Phytochemical analysis and biological activates in Solanum Surattense Venakteshwarlu et al (2018)

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Mandaloju Venkateshwarlu. (2021). PLANT TISSUE CULTURE AND CALLUS INDUCTION FROM COTYLEDONARY SEGMENTS OF CUCURBITA MAXIMA (L). International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 8(10), 164–167.