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Numesh Sahu
Swati Agrawal
Akshit Lamba


Buildings constructed on slopes are different from those in plains. They will be irregular and unsymmetrical in horizontal and vertical planes, and torsion ally coupled. Hence, they are susceptible to severe damage when affected by earthquake ground motion. We cannot avoid the long run earthquakes but the preparedness and safe building construction practices for earthquakes can certainly reduce the extent of injury and loss of both property and life. this is often often because of the actual fact that the columns within the bottom storey are of varied heights in such how that column in one end could also be a brief column and column in other end could also be an extended column. Dynamic characteristics of hill buildings are somewhat different from the buildings on flat ground. Torsional effect of such buildings is broken for having the difference stiffness and mass along horizontal and vertical plane during ground, motion .Short columns of RC frame buildings damage thanks to attracting more forces during earthquake. The work is concentrated to research 2-D frame of (G+8) building on plane and on sloping ground at 45degrees, 65 degrees using ETABS Software when seismic load serein corporated.

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Numesh Sahu, Swati Agrawal, & Akshit Lamba. (2021). “STUDY AND DYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF SLOPED BUILDING”. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology, 8(05), 70–79. https://doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/H53QG